"It’s very difficult to find a counselor who is all the things you need and want in a counselor. Kelly, is all the things. She is one of the brightest humans, in her down to earth way. As someone who often is the support for other people, I find it difficult to find support for myself. Kelly has been invaluable this year. Pandemic aside, I have had the toughest year of my life, and I literally couldn’t have made it through to the other side of the challenging and transformative year without Kelly’s support and kindness. If you are lucky enough to match with Kelly, I am so happy for you because she is excellent. I can’t really put into words how much I appreciate her. She’s amazing."

Written by S.A.

"Kelly has been an incredible resource over the last few months I’ve worked with her. I came with a vague idea of something I wanted to address, and she was able to pull it apart in such a helpful way that I was able to identify multiple underlying issues. In past experiences with therapy, I have felt a sense of “now what?” once we identify the root of a problem. With Kelly, she helped me come up with follow-up steps and action items so I could put the therapy into practice in my day-to-day life. I have felt so much better and more confident that I will be able to break repeat patterns. Thanks for all you do, Kelly!"

Written by A.L.

"Kelly is incredible. I’m a woman in my 30s and I’ve seen a number of therapists at different times. It can be so hard to find the right fit, and to complicate matters it sucks to go through the process of finding a therapist when you’re already feeling out of whack. I took a chance on Better Help based on an Instagram ad of all things...I impulse bought therapy instead of shoes! I was going through Pandemic 2020 and a bunch of life changes that had me on edge and not feeling like the best me. I pushed myself to just go with the flow when I signed up, and got paired with Kelly. She understood my background and what I wanted to get out of therapy after a few messages were exchanged between us, and she started leading the way immediately with near-term coping strategies while also laying out a path for continued work and growth that I’d go through with her help. I’m super grateful to have met her!"

Written by A.M.